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Moo and Yod

Added: 2019-04-16

With Asian boy Moo sitting in a chair, Yod sucks on his dick. Then Moo gives it a try, licking and slurping Yod’s horse sized cock and low hanging balls. Next he tries rimming Yod’s ass and soon moves to sliding his cock in. Pushing his hard dick in deeper and deeper, they fuck with Yod lovingly stroking his dick and balls, and soon we see jets of cum gush from his uncut cock. Not quite finished with his anal fun, Moo pumps Yod repeatedly from behind. Moo then puts Yod on the floor and fucks him some more. He gets Yod’s legs on his shoulders and slowly lifts him up. Yod looks up at his cock, as Moo fucks him harder and faster, until his jizz comes bursting forth. Yod holds his hand up to catch each delightful stream.