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Koe and Toy

Added: 2018-12-04

Walking through the jungle Toy is frightened by a noise and he jumps onto Koe’s arms. Koe squeezes that tight Toy ass and soon they are embracing and fondling by water’s edge. Clothes strip off and Toy goes down. Koe, with his chiseled frame and thick dick, just leans back and guides Toy’s head for the proper motion. In the jungle, by a stream, Toy bends over and takes that long thick cock. This 18 year old Asian boy loves taking it up the ass and lies back on a rock with his hole in the air. Then he is holding on to a tree and lifts one leg up. Reaching back, he grabs Koe’s butt and pulls him in deeper. With a dick up his ass and his leg on tree, Toy rewards us with load after load of his young man juice. Koe follows with his own cum load on Toy’s back.