Gay and Straight Asian Pinoy Boys Bareback Fucking and Jerking Off

Kob and Wut

Added: 2019-08-27

We look in on Asian boy Kob, busy licking and sucking Wut’s cock and balls. Soon they are on the stairs where Kob continues to toy with Wut’s stiff dick, until he fires his load onto Kob’s red shirt. Then, with Kob sitting on the stairs, Wut sucks him to an erection in no time. Soon Kob is pressing on Wut’s hole, with his hard cock and gently enters that smoothly shaven butt. A position change has Wut on all fours getting doggy fucked.The action moves to a standing position, with Wut’s hands up against the wall. As Kob thrusts his cock up Wut’s ass he uses the wall to push back, driving Kob’s cock in deeper. They move out into the hall and onto the stair landing, where Wut lifts one leg and places it on the railing so we can see that big fat hairy dick ram itself home. Kob intensifies his bottom’s pleasure by slapping that sweet half moon butt, as Wut licks his lips in delight. The pumping continues, until Kob pulls out and shoots his load.