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Kie and Poj

Added: 2019-05-21

Peeking in to the office, we find assistant coach Kie with his mouth wrapped around his intern’s cock. Poj then decides to take Kie’s cock into his own hands and sucks that limp member to life. He is rewarded for his efforts by getting bent over the Head Coach’s desk and taking a stiff cock up his tight little Asian boy hole. Back and forth they rock with the desk squeaking in harmony to the sounds of their lovemaking. Kie then flips him over for a second round of fucking and Poj cums all over himself. They move to a couch and Poj climbs on top of that stiff cock for a ride. Moving to all fours, Poj lets Kie jam it in from behind. With a final hard slam of his dick up Poj’s ass he then pulls out and shoots all over Poj’s back.