Gay and Straight Asian Pinoy Boys Bareback Fucking and Jerking Off

Dew, Fang and Tee

Added: 2019-10-15

Three horny Asian boys get to gather for a hot threesome and in no time clothes are off, as kissing, cuddling and stroking begins. They move to the bed, and with Dew and Tee kissing, Fang is focused on sucking their cocks. Alternating between them and then taking both at once, while he strokes his own. The oral exchange continues until Dew fucks Fang, while Tee slaps his face with his cock. The bed is squeaking as Dew humps Fang, as his dangling balls slap his ass. Dew pushes Fangs feet in the air and goes to work on that young boy hole, pumping and thrusting as fast as he can. Fang flips over and Dew sticks it in his ass. Then Dew spreads his checks and Tee sticks it in for a hot daisy chain fuck. Next, Fang moans with pleasure as he is penetrated by two cocks simultaneously. Finally, with Dew and Tee kneeling on either side, they stroke out their cum loads onto Fang’s face.