Gay and Straight Asian Pinoy Boys Bareback Fucking and Jerking Off

Dew and Gee

Added: 2019-01-15

Dew is taking a relaxing swim on the beach and Gee is chilling on the sand. Dew comes by looking for a place to shower, so Gee takes him back to his room. Looking at a fashion magazine he can see Dew’s naked body through the door. He walks in and offers Dew some soap and gets a better look at that tight Asian swimmers body. Watch Dew scrub down and see that uncut cock stand straight up. Gee can’t resist and jumps right in. Both suck cock in the shower. Kissing and stroking they move to the bed for some 69 action, poles and holes. Dew is into rimming that beautiful hole. He licks it, probes it and he sucks it, before sticking it in. On the bed, chair, back on the bed, Dew is in control as he pounds away at that tight ass. Gee strokes himself to completion, shooting a big load and then Dew cums on his face.