Gay and Straight Asian Pinoy Boys Bareback Fucking and Jerking Off

Big and Ton

Added: 2019-03-19

While Asian boys Big and Ton are hanging out, lust takes over and soon the horny boys are kissing and groping each other. Ton goes down on Big and an oral exchange follows. Big jacks off on Ton’s face, before Ton follows with his own load, while getting his ass fingered. The hot sex continues when Ton gets his ass licked. Then Big sticks his cock in and slides it down to the hilt. Taking it from behind Ton repeatedly licks his lips as he feels the rhythmic motion of his afternoon lover deep inside. Then Ton climbs on top and rides that shaft like a pogo stick. Once again Ton takes it from the back, while Big’s balls slap his smooth ass. Big gets Ton onto the floor and grinds his cock against those young tight buns, before shooting onto his bottom’s chest. Finally, Ton strokes out his cum, while his top enjoys some nipple play.