Gay and Straight Asian Pinoy Boys Bareback Fucking and Jerking Off

Big and Gee

Added: 2019-01-08

Our scene opens with Gee visiting Big in his flat. They are discussing school and plans for the summer. Big shows Gee some of his porn magazines and soon they are touching their meat. Gee’s hands drift away from his personal action towards Big who resists but not for long. Off come the pants and from come their cocks, nice and hard. They begin to stroke each other. They fondle, suckle and suck their way to load spewing orgasms. Now that they’ve gotten that from of the way its time for a little tenderness, before mounting Gee’s tight hole. Lying on his back propped up on a pillow Big enters. Hear Gee’s the moans of pleasure as he feels that big fat cock sliding in and from and balls slapping against his Asian ass. See Gee’s rock hard cock bounce up and down as they move to the bed for some rear entry action. Lying on their sides we get to see Big slip it in and pump Gee until his second load oozes from all over his belly. Big pulls from and shoots jet after jet on to Gee’s face.