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Benjamin Wakes His Boyfriend

Added: 2017-11-14

Benjamin loves his handsome gay Asian boyfriend when he sleeps. He gets horny seeing him lay there naked. How can he resist that handsome boy laying there looking all sexy in his briefs? He’ll soon wake up and prepare himself for his workday, so Benjamin only has a small window of time to take the opportunity to finally suck Danilo’s cock while he’s still asleep. This is something he’s wanted to do since they became room mates. He musters up the courage and starts playing with his cock. He finally gets to blow job his room mate. But Danilo wakes up and relizes what’s happening is not a dream! But he’s enjoying it too much, so he allows the cock sucking to continue. Soon the Asian boys are fucking bareback. But time is of the essence and Danilo has to get in the shower so he’s not late for work. So they continue with shower sex as Danilo pounds Benjamin’s twink ass with his raw cock. After they’re showered and bareback fucked, they finish up where they started and Danilo releases his load inside his room mate’s ass. Then Benjamin offers him his cream pie to finish things off.