Gay and Straight Asian Pinoy Boys Bareback Fucking and Jerking Off

Alex And Marcon

Added: 2014-12-14

We welcome a new gay Asian twink, Marcon who said he was a top, but being this was his first ever gay porn video, he was a bit cock shy, and couldn’t get it up. So he agreed to be the Asian twink bottom boy in this scene. Marcon obviously has not had many dicks up his tight twink ass. You can tell by how loud he was. For Alex, this loud verbal bottom boy was a turn on and he drilled Marcon to the point of drooling. After a nice long bareback fucking, Alex quickly pulls from and a massive lava flow of jizz gushes from his cock and drips down the side of the bed as he shoves his tool back in Marcon’s ass to finish his orgasm.